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Knowing the Churches Around You

Churches from all over the world have declined in numbers due to members being inactive in church services. Fewer members are attending church services each week. The drastic decrease of active members in the church also means a recession of church funds coming from member donations. Most churches rely heavily on the donations or tithes from the active members. Tithing is a common commandment for any religious organization and it is referenced from the scriptures.

Many churches are still thriving today. Churches are so relevant in any society, especially to the people they serve. Many people are joining a church today because they feel like there is something lacking in their lives. It is ideal to become a member of a church if you want to know more about your purpose in life. Aside from the relevance of religion to individuals, churches are also expected to be a part of community services. Community services create an impression that a church has good intentions in the society. Church leaders often emphasize the importance of serving others to the congregation.

Churches that survive are those that willfully serve others. Church leaders normally find ways for the members to become active in taking part in serving others. Through serving others, members become more empowered individuals and can entice non-members to join the church.

The Commandment to Serve Others

Knowing the needs of the community is something that any church should do. Some churches provide scholarship programs for people who cannot afford to go to school. However, churches also have to keep their distance because they might interfere government work. A healthy church should not force their beneficiaries for a donation or payment of their services.

Knowing the Congregation
Because of the limited resources that a church has to offer, it should make use of them wisely. It is normal to find people of different faiths conduct surveys to know how they could help other people. Every activity that is executed outside church premises require the use of standardized actions that are stated in the form of a handbook. Being a role model to the congregation is something that a church leader should do. Each member should be willing to render his or her time and effort, and sometimes money, to the great cause of serving others.

You can choose the best congregation through your own desires. Becoming a member of the baptist church is something that you should consider. You can easily know the doctrines and practices of a church through its active members. Joining a religious sect can be quite difficult at first but you will soon realize your faith is increasing through its congregation.

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