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All About Weddings

A wedding is an occasion that most couples look forward top . These is day that the couple will officially make a commitment vow to one another in the presence of those that they love. Parents, siblings and even friends of the love couple wit for these day.It may be a one day affair but it is one of the most important days of someone’s life.

The start of the wedding is when the decision has been reached on having it and all parties involved have been informed about these decision. Wedding committee or a wedding planner is hired to make the day’s event come to reality.They plan on the venue, the foods and all the little aspects of the weeding.The couple looks for a priest who will be the officiating person for the day and set a date.Wedding cards are made and invitations are sent to the guest. Invitation cards are give to the guests that are required to come and keep the unwanted away.

These wedding card have to be designed to fit the preferences of the couple.A wedding theme is chosen by the couple but most especially by the bride. The them determines what everything else will look like from the clothes types o the kind of food that will be served.The wedding that the couple chooses can be a destination one, a country wedding a wedding that is celebrated along the beach a wedding that is done on a garden and many more other ventures.It all depends on the venue choice for this day.

All the outfits that will be worn on that day are purchased and fitted.The a highlight of this day is when the bride is walking down that aisle. They spend a lot of money on the gown that the bride will wear on that day.They can be made locally or can be shipped from oversees. The wedding planners tries in the best away possible to bring the dreams of these couple to reality by providing what they ask for. Transport is arranged that will be used on that day.

Flowers are arranged and food is ready at the wedding reception on the d-day. The cake is prepared in the best manner that the couple can afford to pay for.There is song that people dance to crown the day. The wedding day is very important but it shoulder not over shadow the marriage. The wedding is very emphasized making the couple overlook the days to come.Couples should have weddings that they can afford n still live a comfortable life after that day.

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