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Finding a Great Personal Injury Lawyer

Finding a great personal injury lawyer is all about knowing what to look for. You need to think about your schedule, and you should also think about the details of your claim. Now, take a moment to think about payment options. The majority of personal injury attorneys will offer their clients a contingency plan. Basically, this means that an attorney only gets paid if he or she wins the case. The client will not owe any money if the case fails. Like anything else in life, contingency fees can be negotiable. A settlement should yield a thirty percent contingency fee. As any attorney will tell you, a trial represents an unknown. It only makes sense, then, for a personal injury attorney to charge a higher rate for a trial outcome. It’s common for these contingency fees to be in the forty percent range. You’ll also want to think about reimbursement fees. This allows a personal injury attorney to avoid burdensome witness fees and copying costs.

Not many things are more useful than patience. Remember this when you are stuck in a legal matter. Pursuing a personal injury insurance claim takes a great amount of time. Sometimes, a claim will take years to be resolved. Gather all the information that you can from the accident location. Your claim will not be able to proceed without names, license plate numbers, and insurance details. You have two separate ways to improve your financial predicament. Most claims end in a settlement; it is also possible, though, for a claim to go to trial.

Write down some basic information from the accident scene. For example, if there’s standing water that contributed to the accident, that should be included. Sometimes, a picture may be your best option. Your cell phone should be able to take pictures of the accident scene. Try to include things like skid marks and damage to the vehicles. If there are emergency personnel on the scene, take a few photographs of them as well.

Obviously, you are just getting started. If there were a few other people involved in the accident, get their contact information. Witnesses can be particularly difficult to keep track of, so don’t forget to include them. Your personal injury claim will need statements from these people. If you can, get insurance information from the other drivers.

To further advance your personal injury claim, you should get in touch with your insurance company. Give them all the relevant details of your claim. The other driver’s representatives should also be contacted. Have the claim number ready.

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