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When it comes to buying colored socks, then you can definitely rely on the market. But just how does one choose which colored socks to wear for particular occasions? Is there any rule when it comes to wearing a socks? This article is important if ever you are interested in choosing socks for a special occasion since it will give you guidelines on how to choose the best socks for the occasion that you are going to. The first thing that you have to keep in mind is that, the color of the trouser should also math with the color of the socks, whether the socks are toe alignment socks or not. It is important to know that you should avoid matching the color of your socks with the color of your shoes since there is a probability that the socks will overshadow your shoes. Having a matching trousers and socks is definitely a bomb.

The next thing that has to be remembered is that, in picking the best toe alignment socks, you should keep in mind that it should also match with the occasion that you are going to. Whether the socks that you chose are toe alignment or not, it is important that the color is black most especially if you are going to a very formal event. Probably the main reason why black socks has been used for different formal events since they go well with dark colored suits such as navy blue, dark blue, dark gray and black.

Nevertheless, if ever you are wearing a colored tie or if the squared pocket of your suit has color, then it can also match with the color of your socks. A completely different shade of color can definitely be used most especially if you wanted to have a flashy look for the event that you are going to. What’s important here is that the colored socks should match the rest of the apparel in terms of tone and subtlety. If you ever go with toe alignment socks, then it is very nice since it adds comfort and of course style to your feet, most especially when you wanted to achieve a sporty attire that would match the color of your socks with your shirt or sweater. As long as the color of the socks is similar to the color shades required, then you can always go with different types of socks, may it be a knee high socks, a regular socks, an ankle socks or a toe alignment socks.

There are definitely a lot of designers who designs socks and sell them at the market. Fashion designer Paul Smith of Great Britain is one of these designers. There are so many designs for Paul Smith socks. One of his most famous design is the four stripe socks which has the shades of pink, khaki, black and green. This pair of socks has been very popular since it is a toe alignment socks and it has been a trend lately especially for people of young ages.

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